~ April 4th, 2008 ~

On the first day of March there was nothing but the enter
I came in and saw such a beautiful child that I could not help crying.
This child opened my eyes for another world and that world was yours
And I live now between you and smile, smile more than ever
This child lives in everyone of you, the purest of the pure rainbows
Find him and feel my smile…

Snow is over, no snow at all! Now I am happy and then can create some photographic stories
I am sure you like them ;)

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  1. on April 5th, 2008 at 1:44 pm

    Puts me strongly in mind of Julian of Norwich’s image of the blessed soul as a beautiful child waiting to be set free (Yes, even we Christians once knew how to write… ;) ).Then I wonder if it’s actually a celebration of Spring, rebirth, both in nature and the inner self. Or perhaps all or none of the above, but it’s good that you leave plenty of scope for us to find our own meanings. :)

    Photographic stories are planned, are they? Sounds very interesting indeed. I look forward to them. :)

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